The advantage of attention to ANBIs is that you can bring your taxable income. Gift all or part deduction The tax thus helps pay for your gift. By making use of the tax, clever use you can donate more with the same money as the tax after tax return pays the difference. So you can be yourself choose to keep or donate to your preferred setting. Away the advantage

From January 1, 2008 is deductible gifts for donations to institutions designated as a public benefit by the tax by decision making organization (ANBIs).

The Income Tax Act 2001 has two types of deductible gifts. Depending on the form in which they are done, they can deduct fully or partly on the taxable income of the donor. A donation is a personal deduction and can be deducted from the income in Box I, II or III.

Tabor Foundation is classified by the tax as a general institution for now. This can be found on the website of the Belastingdienst

The objective, policies, remuneration and directors of Tabor Foundation on this website listed on the Policy page.

The RSIN or tax identification number of Tabor Foundation is 8138.70.768

Contact the stiching can be found on the Contact page

A report of the previous calendar year, including financial statements can be downloaded via this link
Tabor Foundation