About Tabor

Tabor Foundation was established in the year 2000 with the aim of "helping disadvantaged people to work together to build a (better) future with them." Tabor foundation for this future means more than just ensuring better financial or social circumstances.

The president of the foundation, Sees Bosma-Dijkstra, met several years ago at coincidence Anca Taranu and heard of their plans to build thus place willing and able to provide to children in difficult circumstances. Shelter From these contacts a friendship that voortduurd to this day was born. Through this website we want to make Tabor Foundation and the work done from the foundation. Introduce you In addition, we put you in touch with the family and Taranu can call us and support in building a future for disadvantaged them.

The activities of the foundation are explained on this site. If you would like more information about the operation of the foundation or on one of the projects please contact us.
Tabor Foundation