Tabor Foundation is committed from a Christian belief to give others a better future. It is the government not to carry out "good works", but to show Christ's love to others. It means for the members of the board that Jesus Christ died on the cross of Calvary for the sins and shortcomings of them to assume for them. From this grace also wants the board to share the hope that is in Jesus Christ. We would like to convey to others so that they too are a better future. Assured this hope

The board has deliberately opted for an approach that is not given to religion, nationality, race and orientation. Jesus Christ came not only for Christians who behave in a certain way but for every human being.

There are many active volunteers to give. 'Actions Tabor Foundation stature We are indebted to these volunteers a lot. The volunteers made ??space to store supplies at cards and other items made ??to then sell the benefit of the foundation construction work performed are available and more of it all.

If you also want to work as a volunteer or want to support us financially please visit the contact page. Here you will find information how to reach us.
Tabor Foundation