Tabor Foundation was created to: provide to people in poor countries, assistance from a Christian religion, indiscriminately.
Tabor Foundation is primarily focused on "disadvantaged" children of Romania. Tabor Foundation wants poor children and orphans a chance at a decent child 'education. She wants to help teenagers to choose a proper training and then to learn a trade so that they are well prepared society such determinations.

We want to encourage them to develop themselves so that they can contribute to the building of their own. Itself a meaningful contribution The help is provided in various fields.

The Romanian economy is still very bad. Thus conclude there almost daily, unprofitable, companies leaving many people get stuck. Jobless Tabor Foundation is committed to get it. Unemployed back to work This will not be from one day to another regulated but it belonged to the ultimate objectives. All in all, there is much work to be done.

One of the contacts of Tabor Foundation in Romania is the Taranu family. Around 1992, Timotei and Anca Taranu Dragasani in a house converted into a church. Then this family was also involved in the construction of a church in the city Rm. V‚lcea.

From their faith in Jesus Christ wanted to help Timotei and Anca children in Romania. So is there along with them built like a house where they are currently four children cope. The house is a place where children both physically and spiritually nourished. Their house is also used for keeping children's camps in the holidays. In this way, a good time trying to give where they can draw for the future. Courage of the children

Tabor Foundation is currently mainly engaged in Romania.
Tabor Foundation