Tabor Foundation is currently working on the following projects:

• Helping the elderly and renovation retirement home in Gaujani;
• Collection of disadvantaged children;
• Summer camps for underprivileged children (and parents);
• Summer programs at schools with Bible study, games, singing, etc.;
• Assistance to residents of the gypsy village Valea Lui Stan (food parcels and medical
• Supporting families.

Building a future
From the start, the aid was targeted at disadvantaged children and adults. Four children now live in Taranu family home. The backgrounds of these children are diverse but in all cases there is the fact that living at home was no longer an option.

During the summer camps and summer programs in schools operated by volunteer students from England with Taranu family together. Since 2011 there is a classroom provided by the local municipality. Here the children a piece of education and a helping hand. Is a Christian camp organized annually. Also in the gypsy village Valea Lui Stan

In the gypsy village about 140 families living far below the poverty line. Every year a number of times food parcels distributed and medical care provided. Recently, there is a missionary couple where it is worked. For this village

In individual cases, provided assistance to families or individuals in difficult hopeless situations. This may involve aid, food or housing. There is in this way from the foundation in addition to helping to build the house of the family Taranu also worked on the construction of an upstairs fo Mihai. A boy who has come when he lived in a cardboard box. In contact with the foundation for the first

For projects listed are financial resources. The foundation is entirely dependent on donations and actions. Would you like to financially support these projects, go to the Help us! page now!
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